For morning and all day games please book in at 09:00 Consent forms need to be completed before the games start, these are available at the site or can be downloaded from our website and completed in advance. All equipment is allocated and a safety briefing is given prior to the start of the games. Players booking in later than the set times may miss some games, as registration, kitting up and safety briefings still need to be completed.

Can I play without a booking?

Bookings are subject to availability, we recommend that you contact us as early as possible to book in. You will not be able to play on the day without a booking first. Please check the date you would like to play using our Availability Checker.

Will I be on the same team as my mates?

We will always do our best to keep friends on the same team. Please be aware that this is not always possible as it depends on the number of players in the day and how teams will be split.

What BBS can I use?

At our sites we only allow the use of biodegradable BBs, BBs will be checked at the start of the day. If you are using a rental gun then BBs provided to you on the day or ones purchased at the shop will be allowed in the rental guns.

If I turn up late, can I still play?

Obviously, to get maximum enjoyment out of your day, you should endeavour to get to the site as early as possible. However you will be allowed to join in the day’s activities at the next convenient point, following a safety briefing.

Do we still play if it is raining?

Your airsoft event will take place come rain or shine, or even snow! In the unlikely event of adverse weather conditions and the day being canceled you will be notified with as much notice as possible.

Do we need to book in advance?

All players must pre book. The payment must be made in advance as this ensures that we have enough staff and equipment available on the day.

How many players are on a Airsoft team?

This can depend on the day and numbers booked in. We generally aim to have around 30 players on each team. It is very hard to predict how many players turn up on the day.

Are there any refreshments available?

You can purchase an individual pizza lunch, with a choice of Margarita or Pepperoni. Pizzas must be pre ordered in advance or on arrival and no later than 10:00am. We also have an on-site shop that sells snacks and drinks. tea and coffee is provided all day free of charge for players.

Is there a limit to the number of players I can bring?

The only real limit will be the capacity of the venue, which does vary from day to day. Remember, all bookings are subject to availability so if you have a large group please confirm the booking as soon as possible to avoid missing out on places. Please contact our booking line and we will be happy to check availability for you.

Young Guns

Our minimum age is 12 years, with a consent form signed by a parent or guardian – Consent forms are available from ourselves on the day or may be downloaded and printed from our website, for completion before hand. All players under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult, how will play with them and supervise them in the game.



All young players need to be made aware they need to comply with game rules. The marshals will give a safety briefing before play starts and will stop play if the rules are not adhered to.

What should I wear?

Sensible footwear is a must, walking boots are ideal or other sturdy shoes, Please avoid wearing Wellington boots, open toed or loose fitting shoes. Players will be running across uneven woodland. Old clothing is advised, with enough layers for cold mornings. We do not provide gloves but they are available to purchase from the shop.

Procedure for Airsoft?

Airsoft is an exciting activity for all ages that encourages teamwork whilst bringing the excitement of video games to life.

Players are split into two even teams (as even as possible) by our trained staff, who will oversee their safety on the field.

The playing fields have different objectives and scenarios and features, with each team starting from the opposite end.

Each field is played twice and the teams reverse their respective roles.

The rules for each game are explained by our staff, who are always on hand to answer any questions and dispense useful tips where needed.

Games are run until the set time has elapsed, or if the objective has been captured.

Should parents stay with children?

While we do accept juniors for Airsoft, this is intended for parents who want to introduce their children to Airsoft or play alongside their older junior children (we do not have dedicated children’s games).

Airsoft rules are elaborate and could be considered challenging for first time juniors. The equipment is available in adult sizes only and may be considerd large, heavy and fiddly to use for juniors who have not participated before and some of the games can last up to two hours. Airsoft requires a dedication only usually found in juniors who have a parent who is a regular Airsoft player.

We do not require a parent or guardian to be present during the day, however all players below the age of 18 must have a consent form signed by themselves and counter signed by a parent or guardian before they can play at our site. A downloadable copy is available on-line.  

Do we have free onsite parking?

Both game sites have ample free parking. In addition Bournmouth can accomodate full size coaches, while Alton can only accomodate 50 seater coaches. However there is a slip road on the A32 200 yards from the Alton site entrance, this is available for full size coaches to park in. Vehicles are parked at the owner's risk.

Are we open 7 days a week?

Normal event days are on Sundays. Games can run during the week but you must have booked a private day.

Is Airsoft Safe?

YES, it is very safe compared to other team sports such as Rugby and football. Airsoft is played across the world often without incident.

We provide safety equipment of a high standard in the industry and we offer players full head protection.

Each set of goggles is inspected to ensure a secure fit before each game. We even provide free of charge body armour (subject to availability) All games are run by highly experienced staff and we make safety our top priority on the day.

Is there an area for spectators?

Both of our sites have Safe Zones with viewing facilities for some of the playing fields.

What happens if a player does not turn up?

If players do not turn up on the confirmed day, all of their payment will be lost. BBs are non-transferable. If we receive notification within our amendment policy, then we can update the booking – see ourt terms and conditions.

Do we have storage available for valuables?

Unlike some other venues we do have lockers at our sites that can be rented for you to store your belongings. Camouflage Paintball is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of any valuables or other personal property on site.

Can I bring alcohol or drugs to the site?

No alcohol or drugs are permitted at our airsoft sites. Any players who have been drinking or deemed to be on drugs will be excluded from the day and asked to leave the site.

What if I get lost trying to find the site?

To avoid getting lost we suggest you make sure all drivers in your group print the directions from our website, you can find them for Bournemouth HERE and for Alton HERE. Our directions are for guidance only, we recommend using a road map for more precise directions.