All players under 17 MUST wear full face/head protection. You are allowed to bring your own face protection which will be inspected by the site manager to determine its suitability for use. We provide full face protection if required. Over 18's can wear any eye protection that has a safety rating.

Automatic and pistols 350fps. - At 1m
DMR 450fps 20ft engagement distance.
Bolt Action Sniper 500fps 30ft engagement distance.

At our sites we only allow the use of Bio Degradeable BBs, BBs will be checked at the start and through out of the day. If you are using a rental gun then BBs provided to you on the day or ones purchased at the shop will be allowed in the rental guns.

A £20 security deposit is required on rental guns. The deposit includes cover for the gun, the Hi Cap magazine and the bottle of BBs your are given at the start of the day.


Before returning to the safe zone please remove your magazine, empty the chamber and place gun on safe before entering the safe zone.

For players that use BFGs, they are only allowed to be thrown underarm, Smoke and flash grenades can be 
thrown overarm. We strongly recommend wearing gloves when using any pyro. Gloves can be bought on the day from our shop. Smokes and frags can only be purchased and used by anyone over the age of 18.

When you are killed in a game you must keep your hand in the air until you respawn, if you are dead and put your hand down and are shot by a member of the other team, it will not be their fault.

When shooting at targets, players are advised to aim for centre mass, this is to avoid overshooting people in the head.

When out in a game you must not remove your eye protection for any reason, if you remove your eye protection while in the game you will be removed from the match or the site. If your eye protection is fogging up you can return to the safe zone during the game to fix the issue.

While out in game zones you cannot climb onto any vehicles or attempt to climb up the ouside of any of the buildings or trees.

When shooting on full auto, please avoid long sprays, instead please use short bursts lasting a few seconds, this is to avoid overshooting a player that has allready been hit.

If you are using a Hi Cap magazine remember that it needs to be wound forward to load the BBs, while winding the magazine make sure the gun is level or you wont load any BBs.